A Home is Worth More than a Thousand Bricks

Peter Mond
Principal Architect
Peter is a trained architect and the owner of the Mond Group. He completed a Masters in Architecture from Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina and is a Master Builder with the Home Owners Association of Greater Des Moines. Peter has over 30+ years of experience as a modern designer and home builder, which is reflected in his work.

Mond Group

The Mond Group was founded on 30 years of experience designing and building modern homes. We specialize in developing elegant homes tailored to complimenting your lifestyle. Our process is straightforward and we do not compromise on our standards.

We combine modern designs and materials with our proven methodical approach to each construction phase. From breaking ground to the fit and finish stage, our projects advance at a firm and steady pace until completion.

Mond Homes

Mond Homes manages all custom client design work. We excel at our work because of our use of innovative materials and attention to detail. We know that quality shows and are committed to building high quality modern custom for a high return on your investment. We would be honored to design a home for you and your family and look forward to hearing from you.

Design & Construction

Design & Construction oversees the design, construction, and sale of our spec homes. We believe that true elegance always endures and are committed to creating modern, elegant work. Feel free to contact us to get more details on spec homes for sale in the area.

Global Dot Imports

Global Dot Imports is a full service property management firm serving Central Iowa and Buenos Aires. We manage and maintain our own residential and commercial properties as well as third party properties. Contact us if you would like us to take over the management of your property in Central Iowa.

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